MELAO Deep Cleaning Handmade Natural Bath Bomb T317

Brand: MELAO
Quantity: 1 box
Net Weight: 60g * 6
Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, lavender oil, corn starch, sea salt, shea butter, sunflower lecithin.

1. Contains natural ingredients to moisturize dry skin, relax, full of fun and foam bath.
2. Natural ingredients, including sea salt, shea butter and coconut oil, moisturize dry skin, non-toxic aroma, safe and non-toxic.
3. Suitable for the skin: uneven skin tone, dullness, pigmentation, and the bathtub bomb melts quickly, so you can relax in the crackling water.
4. Moisturizes and smoothes the skin, relieves fatigue and stress, and restores healthy healing results!

How to use:
Place the bath ball in the bathtub or footbath and fill it with warm water. Put 1-2 pieces per piece, the bath ball will gradually dissolve, and at the same time it will emit a fragrant smell. According to personal needs, after sufficient foam, take out the bath ball and enjoy the hot spring bath.

Suitable for skin:
uneven skin tone, dull, pigmented skin, dry skin, cold hands and feet.

1. For external use only.
2. Avoid direct contact with eyes.