How does acnescarstore keep their prices low and provide high quality?

Acnescarstore directly obtains large quantities of products from the factory, thereby reducing the price, and has cooperated with major brands for more than 5 years, and the product quality is not only high, but also stable.

Where is your company?
We are in China.
Our products are all sent from Shenzhen, China.

What forms of payment do you accept?
Now we can accept Paypal payment online.
If you want to pay by bank transfer, please contact us for a bank account number.

Do all your products have authoritative certifications?

Every brand we cooperate with has authoritative certification, which is the primary prerequisite for our cooperation.
These are LANBENA and BREYLEE certifications:



Does your products test on animals?
All brands that LHS cooperates with are qualified products that have been monitored by the China Skin Care Products Administration, where animal testing for cosmetic products has not been permitted since 2005.
Our suppliers are also held to these same standards and we only partner with the ones that do not test on animals.




Please rest assured to shop, any questions, please contact: