plantgrow 100% Organtic 0 Silicone Oil Shampoo Soap G08

Brand: plantgrow
Quantity: 1 soap/2 soaps/5 soaps/10 soaps
Material content: Polygonum multiflorum essence, ginseng essence.
Net Weight: 55g/box

plantgrow Organtic Polygonum Multiflorum Shampoo Soap is rich in natural plant ingredients, which is gentle and non-irritating.
cleans the hair and scalp while preventing excessive swelling of the hair scales, protecting the hair and reducing the loss of moisture and nutrients,
makes the hair naturally smooth, soft and elastic.
Main users: Hair loss, early gray hair, heavy head oil

Does not contain silicone oil, it will feel dry for the first time, and the hair
will have memory and dependence. After repeated use, dryness will disappear.

Package Included:
1 Hair Cleansing Bar Polygonum Multiflorum Oil Control Shampoo Soap