BISUTANG Seaweed Face Masks Review

Very good looking!
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Today I want to tell you about the latest masks that came to me from LookHealthy Store, I already told you about this store in this post.

Bisutang Seaweed Hydrating Mask
These masks have a highly hydrating effect thanks to
Seaweed extracts also reduce pores.
It is made with ultra-fine, sterile and soft silk. They are suitable for all skin types, they do not contain silicones, artificial colors or preservatives and they do not contain mineral oils.

Cladosiphon okamuranus seaweed extract
Focus extract
Aloe vera extract
Cherry blossom extract

It is a pack of 10 masks of 25g each. It comes in a green cardboard box with a seaweed and water design. The letters of the product and the brand are in white. In the back three the intrusions of use and specifications, all in Chinese.
The masks have the same design as the box.

How to use?
Like the rest of the masks, always with clean skin and leave it between 15 or 20 minutes, remove and massage so that the rest of the product is absorbed.

Texture and smell
It has a smooth and fresh texture, the fabric is super fine.
The smell is quite nice, it doesn't smell like algae haha.

I have dehydrated dry skin as I have already mentioned and what I am looking for is hydration and that it lasts. These masks fulfill it, I left it for 20 minutes and removed it quite dry, my skin absorbed all the serum, the truth is that when I removed the mask, my skin felt hydrated and calmed, I had days with horrible peaks on my face.
Another thing that I really liked was how well it adapts to the skin, it is super thin and sticks very well to the skin, it is perfect. I leave you a beauty session photo before I go.

Well girls, this is all for today, there is one of these masks in the draw.
What mask format do you like the most? Do you know the properties of algae? What do you think of these BISUTANG face masks?

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