How To Effectively Remove Dark Circles

There are many ways to get rid of dark circles, and many homemade methods, but now the pace of life is so fast, every day we are so busy. we can only choose the method that we can get started at any time. For me, my favorite is massage + hot compress + eye cream.

1 Massage

remove dark circle

Which acupoints must be pressed every day to promote blood circulation? Remember these two acupuncture points, press for 1-2 minutes a day. The intensity must be sore.

remove dark circles

2 Hot Compress

You can choose a steam eye mask and wear it for 10 minutes before going to bed. You can also use a hot towel when washing your face. It doesn't take too long, just 2-3 minutes.

The two methods can not only eliminate dark circles, but also effectively combat eye bags.

remove dark circles

The steam eye mask is too expensive and the general price, the effect is the same, so please do not spend money to pursue the brand.

3 Vitamin C Eye Care

 vitamin c eye mask

LANBENA Vitamin C eye mask, 60 pcs, $15.99. It contains highly-active small molecule vitamin C, resist oxidation, remove dark circles and brighten the skin around eyes.

vitamin c eye cream

This is BREYLEE star product: vitamin C eye cream.It can whitening remove dark circles, get rid of dark spots, remove eye bag. 20g, $18.99.

If your dark circles are not severe, vitamin C eye mask + vitamin C eye cream is enough.
But if you have severe dark circles, be sure to use vitamin C eye serum 2-3 times a week.

vitamin c eye serum

I have been using these tricks. Therefore, the eye protection is very successful, with almost no fine lines and dark circles. Besides, I don't like to put on sunscreen.

I can accept everything except sunscreen. There is really no way to change this.




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